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Using wifi jammer protect personal privacy

Since the WiFi signal cannot easily pass through metal plates, buckets, pipes or water, any cookware can damage the network connection. Therefore, the refrigerator, oven, washing machine, etc. will block the WiFi signal. In theory, hesitant to generate electromagnetic fields when any electronic device is running. So when the magnetic field is large enough, he will interfere with the radio waves of the WiFi jamming device.

Of course, the WiFi signal jammer is also a major cause of affecting the WiFi signal. When someone around you is using the WiFi signal blocker, our mobile phone will not directly find the WiFi signal, because the WiFi signal jammer is more targeted, it It is specifically used to block WiFi signals, of course, if you want to block the surrounding WiFi signal, WiFi jammer is definitely the best tool.

gps jammer

Clearly installed 100M broadband, but always feel that the network speed is very slow, watching a video has to buffer for a long time, then what are the main factors affecting the strength of WiFi signals? The difference in WiFi signal is related to the bandwidth of the network itself. At the same time, the number of network connections is too large, the speed of the broadband is shared, and the network speed is slowed down. The WiFi signal is also related to WiFi encryption, and may also be blocked by the WiFi blocker.

For a person who is addicted to the mobile phone world, it is really difficult to let him not use the mobile phone from the root. In some companies, in order to control the excessive use of mobile phones, the leaders will install gps signal jammerinside the company. Only the company's internal network channel is allowed to improve employee productivity. If you don't know which type of jammer you need for your cell phone signal, you can purchase a multi-frequency jammer that blocks various signals.

We are very familiar with GPS signals. It is widely used in our cars, mobile phones, smart watches, etc. The development of science and technology has been more widely used in GPS technology. GPS satellite positioning system is more important in the military field. In modern warfare, GPS signals are a weapon for the military to win, and may also be related to the survival of a country. Therefore, it is important to have a GPS jamming device.

GPS signals are mainly used for real-time positioning, tracking and other issues. With advanced GPS positioning system, you can completely know the enemy's position, and even find out the other's route, the itinerary plan, each action of the other party is in your hands, and the GPS signal jammer can perfectly shield your geographical location. , hiding their own traces, therefore, GPS signals and GPS signal blockersare very important in the military, whoever has these two, who has mastered the initiative.