All information regarding the rules

Terms and Conditions state the rules, laws, duties of using the internet service which function under the website called Mplace. Please familiarise yourself with the contents of the terms and conditions because accessing the Mplace means that you confirm the statement below. The user is unable to register on the Mplace without accepting the terms and conditions.
By accepting the terms and conditions you give the consent to process your personal data and accesing the website according to the law. Name of the service, its conception, graphical style/ look, software and the graphical elements which were made accessible for the user by this service are protected by law.

I. Privacy Policy.

* 1.1. Website is intended for authors and consumers who want to share their experiences with other users.

* 1.2. Using the services provided by this service is voluntary and free of charge for all users after proper REGISTRATION

* 1.3. By completing the registration form member, you agree to the processing of personal data by the editors of the portal.

* 1.4. Each user uses the services provided by the portal at his own risk.

* 1.5. Use of this website otherwise than under the fair use is not permitted without the consent of all parties who are entitled to the rights of the service components, including without consent of the Operator.

* 1.6. A Member may at any time change your personal information or delete your account free of charge and without giving any reason.

* 1.7. Changes in these Regulations may be made by the Operator at any time - You will be informed.

* 1.8. A service contract is concluded electronically upon successful message by the user registration form in accordance with the procedure for Registration to the Service. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period.

* 1.9. Administration selects several times a week pictures mWenceslav "Place our members," and places them on the fan page. You may at any time submit administrations to remove his pictures from fan page by e-mail or in a comment under the photo on the fan page.

II. Offered functionality.

Using the Service User has the ability to:

* 2.1. Placing profile picture,

* 2.2. Post photos of the places where he was, where he would like to be,

* 2.3. Comment on photos,

* 2.4. Voting at the pictures displayed on the Site,

* 2.5. Invite other users to travel together to the chosen place,

* 2.6. Browse more users places

* 2.7. Browse other users friends.

III. Security.

We make sure you feel comfortable in our website, so we will make every effort to ensure a high level of safety in the use of the Service.

* 3.1. We do not collect users content or information using automated means.

* 3.2. We do not send viruses, or other malicious programs.

* 3.3. We will not prohibit logging or access to the account belonging to someone else.

* 3.4. Posting contents of violence, pornography, racism, etc.. is not allowed.

* 3.5. We will not frighten or harass users.

* 3.6. We will not engage in illegal marketing.

IV. User rights.

Respect the rights of all users.

* 4.1. User - a natural person foreign or national who has valid registration in Mplace

* 4.2. Users are required to comply with the law while using the Service.

* 4.3. Registered user is entitled to post on the Service Posts, Comments, rating places.

* 4.4. Removal of Material Commentary statements or entry does not require justification.

* 4.5. You should keep your data for the use of services in secret and in particular the access passwords.

* 4.6. Removing user from the database by the administrator does not require justification.

* 4.7. The user agrees to refrain from any action which might hamper, the functioning of the Service or the use of its functionality.

* 4.8. You are fully responsible for any misuse of your Account, in particular for the use of it to post on this Site contrary to the law, rules of social interaction, and these regulations.

* 4.9. Every user has the right to access their personal data, the right to correct, amend, and the right to request to stop processing of the data and remove it.

V. Registration and accounts security.

We commit to safety by signing up on our website.

* 5.1. Do not presenting false informacjii on Mplace.

* 5.2. Do not create more than one personal account.

* 5.3. Do not use your account for your own commercial advantage.

* 5.4. Do not register on the portal, if you are a sex offender.

* 5.5. Keep your current contact information.

* 5.6. Administrator is not responsible for user-created account.

VI. Comments.

Users have the right to place comments to the materials contained on the Website by means of places allocated by the Administrator.

* 6.1. It is unacceptable posting comments that are spam,

* 6.2. are vulgar,

* 6.3. are advertising,

* 6.4. Infringe the rights of third parties, or promote violence, racial hatred, religious, or otherwise are reprehensible.

* 6.5. Administrator is not responsible for comments placed.

VII. Voting.

You have the ability to rate the places where the users were.

* 7.1. At every place, every picture you can vote only once.

* 7.2. Do not make fun of the votes by creating "multi-accounts".

* 7.3. We are not responsible for click fraud.

VIII. Protection of the rights of other people.

We respect the rights of all people, so we expect the same from you.

* 8.1. Do not take any action that would violate someone's rights.

* 8.2. If you thought that we remove anything for violation of someone else's copyright, and is not true - you can contact the administrator Mplace to appeal.

* 8.3. We have the right to remove any content posted on Mplace when you violate the rights of other people.

IX. Responsibility.

What we are not guilty for.

* 9.1 We are not responsible for technical problems in the hardware of the user.

* 9.2 Provider is not responsible for the unavailability of the service caused by the server room.

* 9.3 We reserve the right to suspend the provision of services for a specified time in the portal, because of the change, expand the server, and problems like that.

* 9.4 We are not responsible for the files submitted by the users in Mplace database.

X. Entry into force and amendments to the Regulations.

* 10.1. Regulations came into force on 12 August 2011.

* 10.2. In the case of amendments to the Rules, the user will be informed by e-mail, or information on the site.

* 10.3. Mplace reserves the right to change the Rules at any time.

* 10.4. Mplace administrator will notify users about any change at least 14 days prior to its entry into force.

* 10.5. By registering on the site Mplace you agree to those rules.

* 10.6. Current regulations are published on the website of the service and delivered free of charge to the user, as well as for each hes request.